Ashram Life Day 4 … Dr Vishnu

5:30 AM the bell rings, a beautiful day is upon us. I completed my painting chores up at the temple, can’t wait to see what I’m about to do today ! The air is different, new energy  filling the air, not sure what has changed. After satsang, during staff meeting I was paired up with a girl on …paint  detail ! Now I knew paint was some sort of kharma and I truly needed to understand something or else why was I to paint again. Maybe I was to do a better job or learn to appreciate even the hated chores …who knows ?  Time was going to tell me. It is stated in the Bhagavad Gita that a Yogi doing his  karma yoga should always perform his duty with enthusiasm no matter what the chore is.

When I got to the bus Josee was feeling much better and today we were panting at the ashram not at the temple so we could go together, sure was nice to see her around and about. Dr. Vishnu really work some miracle with her, but first let me introduce you to him, a truly wonderful man , when we first got to the Ashram my wife was in so much pain and we were told that there was an Ayurvedic Dr. on site for consultation and for a fee of 50 or so $ we could see him. At this point we were willing to try anything if you have read anything previous post you know what hell my wife had been going true and modern medicine is of no help so what did we have to lose. So we go to front desk request an appointment at his earliest convenience and at our surprise there was room that afternoon he could see us at 3:30, so we booked the appointment. Now we were expecting an old healer but instead  there stood and young man early 30’s , coming out of a massage room where he was teaching. He quickly hush us in the exam room for the consultation, We gave him all the medical paper we had gather over time and that when we got optimist about the man, he started to ask my wife some question like: “did your doctor  ask for this test and that test, in which he did and we got the reseult and my wife had all the answer ready and all of her paper in line. So i thought to myself, ok this guy knows what he is doing or at least he know about her condition. Then it got a little weird. at first all was good he check her pulse but with out any instrument “stethoscope” only with his finger then he said that my wife had an imbalance between fire and air in her body and that was the root of her condition the term was Pitta, Vatta imbalance so we were a little confuse but ok i’ll go with it, he still has my attention  then he talk about her condition and what we or she should do, no more cold food or drinks, no more spicy food, then proceeded to prescribe some oil treatment to ease the pain and help preserve her neurological system as well as some plant and even some asanas to help with the proper flow of energy  overall he was very thorough with her examination and explication. Then he approach her to do some Marma points now this is where it got weird. He press on some strategic energy point on her body, i could see the pain passing true her face even at some point I wanted to intervene, I thought to myself,  how could this be any good for her ?  and then … he snap his finger and said Walk … ?!? What ?!? my wife look at me confused like what am I supposed to do? So I said walk!  and as soon as she got up she look at me all in awh! I could see the probe she had sent true out her body to see if the pain persisted or even it was present … as she walk around the light upon her face glowed of happiness she look at me and said I don’t feel anything at all, the pain is gone and she broke down in tears happy to in her body comfortable for once without pain. Now Dr. Vishnu told us this was temporary that we the pain will come back that she need to do a Panchakarma treatment for 21 days that her condition will not completely disappear but is manageable with proper exercise and diet as well as meditation. He also added to her Dr. diagnosis stating that she also has the gout. He continued talking about her condition gave us some pointers, explain some of the meta physic aspect of her condition and her body and told us to come back the next day at the same time.

And afterward Dr. Vishnu would wait for my wife every morning at the Ashram and if she needed some ajustement he would perform some marma point then he kindly gave her 3 Ayuervedic massage perform by his student. Now let me tell you that there is no western Dr. who would take the time and the patience to see his patient 6 days in a row and at an affordable price as well i will not disclose how much we paid as I am sure it is different with everyone needs & means , but i cans tell you that a week worth of treatment was more affordable then one visit at a private clinic . Dr. Vishnu has been a blessing for my wife and my self he gave us hope were modern medicine gave us nothing. He look at her like a human being he let her express her feeling and concern did not interrupt and above all did not tell her to stop talking because she stated too many symptom and all, he would also take the time everyday to address her question.

We need more man like this in the world caring for his patient and not the bottom line. Dr. Vishnu told me he treat 1000’s of peoples all around the world free of charge every years. So if you could include him in your daily meditation & blessing that would really be appreciated and if you are ever looking for a good cause for donation the Sivananda Organisation & Dr. Vishnu are truly a safe worldly investment for a better world and I encourage you to help them in anyways you can. They are our last line of defence when the system has failed us. if it was not from them today my wife would be receiving a form of chemotherapy “Anti TNF” her immune system would be dead open to all infection and no quality of life .

om bolo Dr. Vishnu maharaj a ki… jai
om bolo sat guru Sivananda maharaj a ki… jai

As for my wife aldo it is a constant struggle for her condition we are 1 000 000 time better than last year, we have good days and bad one but now there is light in our life, she is not ready or able to maintain a job but is able to perform Karma Yoga a 1 or 2 hours a day. and is find her place and purpose in this world.

I wrote a letter to the Sivananda family thanking them for their support and i would like to share a portion of this letter with you :

 Om Namashivaya

My Name is Mula and I would first like to express my gratitude to the Sivanada family. Two years ago my wife was diagnose with a degenerative disease « ankylosing spondylitis » a condition that she has been living with for the past 16 years. After some complication & her condition getting worst in the past years, the life we where living didn’t seem all that important anymore. So we made some radical change in our life, the way we eat, the way we think the way we live. at some point my wife could not even get out of bed and modern medicine wanted to give her a form of chemotherapy to kill her immune response, it would diminish the pain but would make her sicker in the process. Not wanting to risking her health on a gamble we started to look for alternative holistic solution from our ancestor and we educated our self on the subjects from medicinal plant to yoga and spirituality. In the process we started to practice yoga from a video we purchases on line and for 4 month we practice the Sun salutation every morning and my wife started to gain some mobility back, as well as a desire to be more active and an uplift in her spirit. That was enough to convince us we had to change our lifestyle, so we got rid of everything we own furniture, home, possessions and move in an old 1967 gmc bus that was converted into a motorhome and travel the country to meet with our spiritual guide and find a cure for my wife condition. It was time for us to move and find where we belong in the world and in our travel throughout life circumstance we came across the Sivananda Ashram where all of our wish came to life, We had found true teaching of the yoga philosophy as well as an Ayurvedic doctor. So after spending a week end at the Ashram we decided to return for one more week as Karma Yogi and meet with Dr. Vishnu as well. After a few class of yoga already we could see some improvement and then she was seen by Dr. Vishnu, after 3 days of treatment and some massage perform by his student. I could see my wife with out pain in ways I haven’t seen in years and Dr. Vishnu has prescribe a 21 days PanchaKarma Treatment that we already book for next summer at his return in June. And for that I would like to express my eternal gratitude & love to the Sivananda family, you have change our life for ever!.

Thank you !

So there you go you have met Dr. Vishnu. I truly hope your health is good and never need his medical attention but is that is not the case and you are lost I strongly suggest you book an appointment with him or one of his confrere at the Sivananda organisation you will never meet with a health practitioner so dedicated to his life work to better this world like this man

And needless to say for the upcoming weeks I seen my wife smile laugh interact with other, desire to be even more active.


P.S here are Dr. Vishnu contact info


Tel: +91 97 47 835 091
+91 90 37 701 000

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