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So this is crazy right ? last year we have met with our first spiritual guide Australia, a white shaman  in the beginning  of our spiritual quest then spent a day with at the Tam Bao Son  Temple see what the bouddhiste had to says . And now we just spent three days in an Ashram. to get the taste of what it mean to live the simple life,

Love, Pray, Live

We had been driving around for a while now looking for a place we could boondock “Living off grid” reconnect with nature and get to do some yoga but there was no where to go. I have to say I was a little disappointed in my beautiful province of quebec. Every place i went as a child was now a paying touristic site that a person of my means couldn’t afford nor did I want to spend that kind of money or event vibing with my life path but as they say nothing happen for nothing during our research we came across some information regarding a yoga camp  in the laurentian, Quebec  that got my attention I was in a dire need of some yoga time and they would also offer dinner after the class and we were looking for a destination, so after speaking with a lovely lady over the phone told her our predicament with the size of our vehicle she told us we could find a place we could park so we headed down to this yoga camp.

Once we got there… you know that feeling you get when you can call some place home ! that how I felt. The first detail than struck my attention was the air, the smell, absent of pollution, flower blossoming, nature is alive and strong with in these woods. We were greeted by a squirrel that resonated his territory chant on the mountain side letting us know of his presence, a simple bow was sufficient to satisfy this landlord. And that was just the parking lot :)

When I approach the gate of the yoga camp I realize this was also an ashram or should I say this was an Ashram and serve as a Yoga camp as well.


Now let me tell you how surprised  I was, for some time now my wife and myself had been flirting with the idea of   an Ashram we even discuss moving to India at some point after the kids grew up and spent some time developing our spirituality but was very disappointed the see how hard it was to find a spiritual guides worthy of our studentship that wasn’t costing me a fortune for my salvation.  Call me crazy but I do not believe anyone should “have” to pay  to learn about his spirituality. , we walk in and were greeted with a simple “Om” by their resident going about their day. We went up a little hill and there was the main building with a reception desk with a little community  store, a laundromat a mess hall , and some living quarter. At the desk was a nice young woman, a bit shy but compensated her timidity with a beautiful smile. We ask again if we could park in the lot I told her I had found a spot on the far side


again she reassured me everything was ok. I ask her how everything work here?, how do we become resident or spiritual student?. I believe she was taken by surprise by my question… she wasn’t sure how to answer and she said to me why don’t you walk the ground do a yoga class and join us for dinner you can get an idea of what we are about. So that what I did,  walk the ground felt the energy, see the dynamic.

My wife wasn’t feeling to good that day and we were a little shy to jump into a yoga class as we had never been in on, other then on the internet on gaia.com so we desided to audit one instead see the iteraction between teacher and student . At first we were quite surprised at the speed in which they executed the Sun Salutation with in a few minute they had went thru there routine as for us it took us at least forty minute and then when their warm up was finish that started to execute some Asana that just scared my wife and I. I thought to myself how can I follow the class or even my wife with her condition. I thought for a moment that I had gotten a bit ahead of myself  and I think some resident seen the expression on our face because he came over had blurred out “you know their is a beginner class  at the pound platform!” My heart drop in relief as for my wife, there was still  hope for us and , I needed to connect with my spirituality  and belief “here” was a good place for me to start. I needed answer not sure if I would get them all or any but I knew I had to experience a day or two in  an Ashram. We decided to stay the night in the parking lot experience 48 hours of yoga and a glimpse of what Ashram life is all about.  So  we went into the store  purchase the attire needed to fit in for my self a beautiful and simple white pair of Asram pants  and for my wife a beautiful & colorful pair  of alibaba pants, then my eyes quickly turn over the book section where I found something I had been looking for some time the Bhagavad Gita Text, word-to-word Meaning, Translation and signification commented by a tangible Guru. And there it was the Gita’s i’ve been looking for. All of these details strangely fell into their rightful place . My wife bought a book on yoga Asanas the description meaning and what they do in one’s body . Something else we were looking for some time now.

5:30 the Ashram bell ring true out the mountain bringing breath to the community. All my intention were screaming to get up but some part of me just said let snooze for a moment shall we :)  then 6 Am bell struck announcing the beginning of the morning satsang ceremony  and the closing the door of the temple so you late runner have started the race too late and that included me  :(  on my way back there was a man, Al was his name, caught in the same predicament as myself wanting to attend morning mass  but luck out ass he slept in as well. So out of nowhere he offered to walk with me or was it the other way around? not sure, but it was one of these organic moment where we just went with the flow and we walk for a good 40 to50 minute before we got to a beautiful lake we sate at it’s shore, talking some more about everything and nothing life, it’s meaning, and philosophy, path walk and future plan. then we walk back a very beautiful moment that I will cherish spent with a complete stranger, who gave me some insight one his slice of life. Then I went back the  to my bus to find my wife still sleeping and since her Z’s have been quite short lately and this was her first full night of sleep  in a long time, I went to the 8am Yoga  class by myself. 2 hours of body activation as well as mind and soul expansion. this was the most physical engaging mind pleasant moment of my life. and couldn’t wait to share my experience with my wife. So when i got back at the bus she was awake and ready to engage in her day. The next Yoga class was only at 4 pm and learn of a temple at the top of the mountain . Up we went, there was this peace walk trail, stairs climbing the side of the mountain reaching the temple


we took on this endeavor reaching the top with in 40 minute or so resting every few  yards contemplating nature great achievement. at the top of our journey laid the temple in all its glory and week end ceremonies were being perform not sure what they were called but rest assure i will educate myself on the subject, luckily for us we got to see a glimpse of their spiritual word and belief, walk around smelling  aromatic champa burning in all corners of the temple ‘s because ya there is more than one   after sitting down for a while a couple came by and offered some lunch that was being served for the follower so we kindly accepted their offer and feasted with them.


Now one of the cook got me good with a fried peper stating it was ” just a little hot” Ya ok! lol I then realize how much our world has to offer loving the new path i have chosen. not to over stay our welcom we decided to head down the mountain back to the Ashram, not that we ever felt unwelcom but the dharma life state that there must be balance in our life and action’s ,nothing to offer as gift for this wonderfull hospitality. we paid our respect and parted, yoga class was about to start :)

Now it was time for a nap but I was too excited and went on the net  and research the Ashram  I remember the girl at the desk talking about Kharma Yoga A work study program, Hallelujah   what I had been look for again  !!!  Somewhere i could offer myself and my knowledge and competence in exchange for some understanding on myself and life biggest question and most exciting of all, Yoga class taught by a spiritual center where I can experience and hopefully can understand a bit about myself. So I had to sign us up we, The girl at the desk told us to start with a couple of week to see if this lifestyle was really for us, so we  would finish our stay over the weekend, then return the following week to immerse our self  in the life that is to be in an Ashram to see as well if this would be ever the kind of life for us. We quickly got a positive response for the administration admitting us into the Ashram for a stay of 7 days.

See you soon with a daily update of our serie “Ashram Life”

P.S Support a Spiritual or Religious center in your community, if you have the means you are helping someone achieve the best version of themself. I do not believe anyone “SHOULD HAVE TO” pay for his or her spirituality . But I do believe  that if you are in a position of helping it is your duty to do so and these center “Ashram = Community” need your support to continue & help people & lost soul in search of answer and devotion.

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