Spiritual Travel, Ashram Life Day 2

5:30 AM The Ashram bell’s are resonating, I want to wake up, every fiber inside my body are screaming ” I’M TIRED ” My mind want to, get up, My wife ain’t feeling so good, all that stress from yesterday took a toll on her, so we fall back asleep, I thought it was better to be up to pars for work.

So we show up for yoga class at 8 AM go true the same routine again no need to repeat it im sure im gonna forget some Asanas anyway :) Today way a good yoga day I could feel that I am gaining some control over my body, in my previous practice I often felt a pull in my lower back, every I did some leg work or even move then for relaxation pose, now I could lift my leg just a few inch stay there without any muscle discomfort,  over a short period of time ! So I was pretty happy just after a few day’s on the previous week and then one class the day before and I could already see some physical improvement and as for my mind I can see a reduction in mind chatter and racing, still very present in my mind I am able to reduce them within the practice by concentrating on my breathing. The difference when you are in a meditative state and inexperienced like myself was your mind often run away at first you are please because you’re travelin in your mind but quickly realize that you’re heading in the wrong direction and further away from your higher self and the purpose of meditation “which is not to daydreaming” but when you are doing yoga in all it’s form and glory you become quickly aware of the importance of your breathing and control over your body & mind as well as surrendering yourself, to what is. Therefor you can get a little deeper in your meditation and closer to your consciousness  but learning the proper way to do thing.

I have to say I am really please in what I am discovering, the way yoga is lived, is almost to a tee to what I was imagining. Ok now it my ego talking but so far without a mentor “guru” I wasn’t to far in what I was doing so that flattered my ego just a bit. I just have to be more discipline in my practice, now here it is a bit easier, there is a structure but out there … I hope I can keep up :) At last brunch I’m getting hungry, didn’t happen to often  before bet now with all this fresh air I could eat a H…..,  hole field of potato  not sure if I mention this before but at the Ashram it’s a complete vegetarian diet and very tasty I have to had, that surprised me a lot and I’m starting to like rice as well so that good. then I cross Swami G. the director of the Ashram. I could see he wasn’t to please, with me missing the morning Satsang and all I can understand. he told me I needed to be present at every satsang  and I agree I am there to learn about my spirituality and should do what spiritual being do and follow their ritual. So my wife and I agreed that from now on even if she didn’t feel too good I would attend the satsangs and twice as hard if needed.

So Swami G. instructed me I would work on paint detail at the temple there as some wood that needed to be painted for a new temple that would be built shortly and presented me to a man name Shankara “hope I spell that right” and he was to show me what was to be done. And up we went after morning brunch to the temple. Shankara showed me what needed to be done then I crab the big 5 gallon of paint and wanted to show how strong I was that I could shake it with my bare hand no need for a wood pallet and on my first swing the lid opened and paint covered me from head to toe. Now I felt stupid that was Kharma teaching me humility I guess 😛 now I dint want to waist all the paint so I rolled myself on one of the wood sheet, I have to say I look pretty silly and a bit of a dumbass doing so,  then rinse myself with a water hose with no so much pressure but anage to get most of it off since it was water base. Then Chankara after having a good laugh at your’s truly  left us to our Kharma Yoga and left us to attend his chores. My wife and myself then work until 2:30 and proceeded to walk back to the Ashram which is about a 15 minute walk and my wife was starting to have some pain so it took a little longer but we got to appreciate the scenery.

Then we attended the afternoon Yoga class and evening Satsang  and light out by 10 PM

Tomorrow is a new day that may never come, thank you for today!


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