Spiritual Travel, Ashram Life Day 3

I’m up, it’s 5:30 and i got up. Sure don’t want to leave a bad impression 2 days in a row, right? My wife is in pain this morning and will not attend the Satsang. So i show up at the Krishna temple and find a place in the back to sit down on a little cushion and a cotton mat, at first I keep telling myself  how uncomfortable this is going to be at 6 in the morning to work all these muscle to sit straight and all but then I remembered something I have read in the Bhagavad Gita that goes something like this…that if you are not comfortable being still then it is your mind and not your physical that is at work, to be comfortable sitting still you have to be still with in yourself to find peace. If you let that sink in just a little you will quickly come to realization why it is often said that we are the cause of most of our pain and suffering as well as disease. To sit still and quiet for 30 min should not be this difficult. Swami G. began to chant “Om” over and over announcing the beginning of our meditation. Closed my eye sat in a cross leg position and my hands in chin mudras. And kept concentrating on my 3rd eye and keep a watchful eye on my thought and were they where heading. After some time I felt some discomfort in my lower back, disturbing my meditation i must had that I wasn’t t please but remembered what the scripture mention so I quickly turned my attention back to my mind trying to keep it at peace but without us I had to move . So I stretch my leg twisted my  back reposition myself and just has I am about to reach that comfort state, Swami G. “Om” the announcement  of the end of our quiet meditation and so began the chanting of the Kirtan  then after the guest left and we had the staff meeting.

I started to feel like a part a the Sivananda family during the roll call Swami look at me and remembered my spiritual name “Mula” that flattered me for a second the he said “your gonna finish painting at the temple today” and that joy quickly dissipated itself  it there is one thing I hate as a choir is painting but what can I do right?

Again after the morning meditation and staff meeting we had our Yoga class and brunch. then it was time for my Kharma Yoga. Stop by the bus to change into my dirty work attire and headed to the Temple. During my walk some peace of mind came about and I started to remember a lot of the Gita scripture I was reading… what I mean is that I’ve been reading the Gita for some time now but don’t always understand the verse right away and this morning a lot of what I couldn’t understand came clear as day in that particular moment. Then I reach the temple’s gate at the air strip and there stood a picture of Swami Sivananda And a sense of humility filled my body mind and soul. And a verse from the Gita’s came back to mind our was recited by Swami I couldn’t tell stating that during one Kharma Yoga one should always take pride in his work not for recognition of his labor or fruit of his work but for the benefit of the Ashram i.e “Community” then all thought or desire to quickly accomplish my choir dissipated itself and got replace by what I could only describe as JOY and  GRATITUDE. So before I could even start my work I needed to clean the ground I can remember a sense of anger filling my mind “how could they  leave these holy ground in such a disgrace. after picking up all the garbage I could find I reach my work station again clean everything tidy up what was laying around  and then set up to finish my painting  Abram Lincoln once said “if you give my 8 hour to cut down a tree i will us 6 of them filling my axe” So With that perspective in mind I accomplished Kharma Yoga feeling proud of my accomplishment knowing that no one will ever thank me for my work but that the community will benefit from it. That is where I also understood why we needed balance in our day, balance for work,play, eat, rest and so on. We need it because we need to feel good about what our existence we need to feel important not in the eyes of anyone but within our own, but we also need to tend to our rest care and pleasure. I will let you know on a little secret I have discovered over time

You Are Important

And if you are that means I am too so this is why we need balance, because just as the people we tend to we need to tend to our care and needs. you need to give a bit of your time to every aspect your mind body and soul requires. We need to accomplish servitude to contribute to our community, we can’t expect the cheese, the milk, the butter, the meat, money & the cow all at once, then we need to care for our body, mind & soul because left to their own demise we will get lazy in all aspect that it sitting in front of the television leaving our life passing us by or turning a blind eye to what is happening in the world or leaving your temple “body” in a decrepit state on eternal illness. All these aspect have a profound impact on our life. We can’t just tend to one need or a few without causing arm to another.

I really enjoyed my time spent with Swami Sivananda. The light that I have received or is receiving  is bliss and I am truly grateful for that. I will not see or do thing in the same way anymore and i got some bit more insight of what it is to live in the now. Life is all about gaining these slice of consciousness that get’s us a little closer to our enlightenment.

For the rest of the day i felt really light and at peace with myself I went about my day smiling and saluting everyone I could meet wanting to connect with my kin. My heart and mind was open or is because i don’t tend to close it either.


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