About Us

Hello my name is Bhima,


I am a certified Hatha yoga teacher from the Sivananda lineage,and today I travel the world with my wife & dog as Karma Yogis to serve where ever we are needed in our old bus & in the process we meet some salt of the earth artisan with some amazing products that deserved to be shared with the world and in the process allow us to meet all kind of people and teach yoga philosophy.

I use to be a business owner and my wife a white collard, until my wife was diagnose with a degenerative decease and we where confronted with choices that where life altering, we decided to see what life had to offer other then work, get sick, suffer & die.

After making some life adjustment we moved into our converted 1967 bus "into a Tiny Home" and travel Canada to meet our spiritual guide and maybe find some peace in this world and share our stories. I always wanted to be a writer but never had the courage to go trough with it but today I get over my fears and share my tough and experience with you on our blog

You can follow our amazing stories at http://travelingkarmayogi.com and support us on this online store by purchasing one of our many hand made products and  or even make a donation at PayPal.Me/karmayogi 

Thank you!